Wednesday, 12 April 2017

40bc Billionaire Boy T1W11 2017

Billionaire Boy

Summary: Joe Spud has got everything a kid could ask for. Hes got his own bowling alley, Formula 1 racing car, a slide to his Olympic sized swimming pool, a Roller Coaster and so much more. One thing was that Joe Spud and his father were once not rich. It all started when his father made billions from his invention the Bum Fresh toilet paper. Though Joe has got practically everything he only wants one thing... a friend.

Author: David Williams

Illustrator: Tony Ross

Friday, 7 April 2017

Top Team Bonus Reflection T1W10 2017

Top Team

This week the whole school did Top Team Games. Your school might have done this and if you have you would know. Top Team is groups of people that go to different schools and set up fun activities for the kids to do. For an example there was a water game which we had to fill up a bucket of water and balance it on this stick thing and we had to try to get to the other end.

My Favorite part

My favorite activity for top team would have to be this game that was like a tunnel thing it was very hard to control but it was very fun. While we were doing this activity we kept falling over and it was quite funny. Here is a picture of some people doing it.

My Least favorite part
Despite that all of the activities were good there is always one that you would probably like the least. So my least favorite activity was the activity where we were in this sack with at least four other people, and for me it felt very crowded. I didn't hate this activity it just wasn't my favorite.

Numeracy Reflection T1W10 2017

Numeracy Reflection

Numeracy Reflection

Maths Buddy: This week on maths buddy I have finished contracted multiplication which is quite simple it's like 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication. Here is what you do for it.

Screen Cast: I made a screen cast this week but I put it on a different post. It is about how to do 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. Here is a link to the post.

Literacy Reflection T1W10 2017

Literacy Reflection

Writing: This week for writing the class has written written off story starters this website is called pobble 365. For the story starters I did mother of dragons it's about how zoya has a dragon which thinks zoya is her mother. I have not completely finished this writing but here is my work. Here is the link to pobble (The blue is the story starter).

Mother Of Dragons
When the dragon had hatched, crawling out of its shell onto her bed, Zoya knew that her life would never be the same again.
She had brought the dragon far away from her village; away from the people who would hurt it and take it away from her. As she held it in her hands, feeling its claws affectionately digging into her fingers through her gloves, Zoya knew that exactly what she had to do. What they had to do. Together.
The dragon gazed at her. She could see the flames burning within its eyes. It was totally dependant on her, as a new-born child is to its mother. And yet, strangely, she felt dependant upon the dragon as well; dependant upon what it was and what it would become in time.
They would become inseparable. Their futures were entwined. Their adventures were only just beginning…
This wasn’t the only dragon that zoya had bonded with before. She had once had another dragon but the people from her village took him away. That’s why she wasn’t sure if she
could take care of the new dragon.
Just while Zoya was thinking so many thoughts in her head, the dragon made the weirdest noise that anybody had ever heard. Then it all went silent for at least 2 minutes. Then she heard voices and for some reason she couldn’t help but think that she knew this person. It was her father. She hadn’t seen him for years and he must have come back to hear that Zoya was missing, he must have got out a search party. The only problem was that her father dislikes dragons and also wasn’t very fond of her, so she ran with her dragon.

Word Work: This week for word work as usual I wrote the meaning, the sentence of the word and Origin. For the activities this week I did across and down. For that activity I had to write my words across and down.  Then for the extra activity I did pyramid writing. I had to write one letter at a time so for the first time next two letters for the next. Here is my work.

Meaning: What you look like or the way someone looks at you.
She was not happy with her appearance.
Origin: Latin, Late Latin, Old French and English

Meaning: In great comfort or elegance.
Her life was luxury.
Origin: Latin and Old French

Meaning: Jewellery is like necklaces, earrings, some bracelets and more.
Her drawers were full of jewellery.
Origin: Old French and English

Meaning: Begin something you proceed something.
Let’s proceed with our plan.
Origin: Latin and Old French

Meaning: Make something smaller like amounts, intensity and degree.
The war makes the amount of people decrease.
Origin: Latin and Old French

Meaning: A public occasion or religious occasion celebrating an event.
It was a big ceremony.
Origin: Old French and Latin

Meaning: an assurance that something will happen.
The guarantee was wrong.
Origin: Spanish, French and English.

Meaning: bury something in the ground or put something in the ground.
He was buried alive.
Origin: West Germanic, Old English and English.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

2 Digit By 2 Digit Multiplication T1W10 2017

2 Digit By 2 Digit Multiplication

This week I have finished my 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication screencastify.  I had done this a while back but I did not press present but this time it's new and improved. For this screen cast I had to explain step by step how to work out the 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication.
Here is my screen cast.


Friday, 31 March 2017

Literacy Reflection T1W9 2017

Literacy Reflection

Writing: This week for writing I have started on my camp reflection. It still might need a bit more detail in it but here is what I have so far.

In week 6 term 1 the Mamaku syndicate separately went on camp and we stayed in a lodge place in Westport. My class M2 went on camp in week 6 on wednesday Term 1. We went to this camp for fun education. Mr B also went on this camp along with our teacher, some parent helpers and of course the kids. One extra thing the food was great. We did lots of fun activities on camp like walks historical museums coal mines and more.

Word Work: This week for word work like last week I have written down the meaning of my word, the origin of my word and a sentence with my word in it. This week for word work I have also done two activities one of them was word code and the other one was blue vowels. For word code I had to use a shape for each letter and then I would use the shapes to spell out my word. For blue vowels I had to write down ten of my words and colour all the vowels in blue. Here is my work.

Meaning: Give an order or commanding someone to do something.
I command you to eat spaghetti.
Origin: Late Latin and Old French

Meaning: The measurement of something like it was 1 metre long
The length of the tree was only 2 metres.
Origin: Germanic, Old English, Dutch and English

Meaning: a benefit is when you get an advantage from something
It was a big benefit.
Origin: Latin and Old French

Meaning: The people of some place
They were english citizens.
Origin: Latin, Old French, Anglo-Norman French and English

Meaning: The cost of something
The expense was big.
Origin: Unsure

Meaning: The heat of something
The temperature was very cold.
Origin: French, Latin and English

Meaning: The relation of somebody like somebodys family.
I have lots of relatives.
Origin: Late Latin, Old French and English

Meaning: A person who sees something that has happened
The witness was terrified.
Origin: Old French and English

Meaning: An effect on somebody in good way or bad
She was a bad influence.
Origin: Latin, Old French, Medieval Latin, Scholastic Latin and English

Numeracy Reflection T1W9 2017

Numeracy Reflection

Multiplication: This week I finally finished the long multiplication with carrying.

Long Multiplication Steps: This week I also made a slide show on how to do long multiplication I had to make a google drawing for each one then I had to make a screencastify. Here is my video.