Friday, 30 June 2017

Literacy Reflection T2W9 2017

Literacy Reflection

Word Work: This week for word work I have done the usual which is the meaning, a sentence and the origin of the word. This week I have also done eight words for my speech on the slide show for my word work as well. Here is my work:

My Speech: This week I have been working on my speech. I am not going to put my work on but I am going to tell you about it. My Speech is going to be about my trip to Australia. I have almost finished my speech but not quite yet.

Reading: This week for Reading we read a book called Mrs Wilding's Potatoes. My group took turns at reading part of the book and then we wrote some main points about the book on a slide that our teacher made. The book is about how to boys wanted to go to school to see a rugby star but they got held up because Mrs Wilding needed help with compost.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Literacy Reflection T2W8 2017

Literacy Reflection

Word Work: This week for Word Work as usual I have done my origins, sentences and meanings of the words. Here is my work

Writing: This week for writing we had to pick a family member and write a descriptive writing piece about them. I had a really hard time picking who I was going to write about. In this work I had to describe what my family member looked like what their personality was like and more. My WALT is use precise and descriptive words to describe the image/ person. Here is my work:

Topic/ Matariki: This week and last week me a buddy (Alyssa) made a slide show about Matariki. We put two stories of Matariki on and we also added some information. I thought that doing this activity was really fun. Here is my work   

Reading: This week for reading me and my group read a book in a school journal called Katie's mum. I buddied up with Katelynn and made a slide with her and put down the main points of the book on the slide. In this slide show there is animation things so if there is a blank page just press the next button or just let it play. Here is my work:


Friday, 16 June 2017

Literacy Reflection T2W7 2017

Literacy Reflection

Miss Reissmann Description: This week we did some writing as for last week it was Miss Reissmanns Birthday, which then we wrote some stuff about her which ended up being a whole description. We wrote about what she looked like and things about her and more. Here is my work:

In a small town called Grey mouth, there lives a woman named Helga Reissmann. She has hair that is blonde with golden flecks and streaks of brown and icy sky blue eyes. She wears such nice clothes which make her shine in the dark . She also has these terrifying earrings which I myself do not want to go into detail with.

A thing with Helga Reissmann is that she always wears high heels which is a bit typical (no meaning to be rude). She has three children named Jasmine, Telisha & Cole, Jasmine is 26 years old, Telisha is 24 and Cole is 21.

Helga Reissmann Is very tall and quite medium skinny which means she is quite skinny. Her two favorite colours are black and brown and if i’m being precise chocolate brown. Helga Reissman also has a dog which is called Millie (i’m not sure if that’s the right way to spell it).

Overall Helga Riessman Is an awesome person and teacher which makes her AMAZING.

The End

Journal Leave Summary: A week or more ago me and my literacy group read a book called leave. We chose this book and now we are writing a summary of the book. For the summary we had to write the main ideas and bits about the book. Here is my work:

Friday, 9 June 2017

Literacy Reflection T2W6 2017

Literacy Reflection

Word Work: This week for the first part of word work I did the usual which is the meaning, sentences and origins of the word. For the fun activity I did a word riddle, I got two buddies and I wrote a riddle. They got three guesses to guess the word .I thought doing this activity was really fun. Here is my work:

Description: This week It was was Miss Reissmans birthday. For Miss Reissmans birthday we did an activity, for the activity we answered some questions on a google doc about Miss Reissman. An example of one of the questions is what colour hair does this person have and more like that. I thought doing this activity was quite fun. Here is my work:

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

40bc-Awful Auntie 2017

Awful Auntie

Summary: Lady Stella Saxby ( young girl) has an awful auntie. As you may know, there are lots of awful aunties in the world but it would never compare to how bad Stella's Aunt Alberta is. So Stella was in an "accident" with her parents which then lead her to a coma. Aunt Alberta has a lot of tricks up her sleeve but so does Stella.

Author: David Walliams

Illustrator: Tony Ross

Rating: 4/5 stars

Age Recommendation: 8/10 age

Friday, 19 May 2017

Numeracy Reflection T2W3 2017

Numeracy Reflection
WALT: Use a variety of strategies (compensation/ partitioning/ adjusting)

Maths Check ups: This week there has been a lot of MATHS. Not quite DLO (digital learning object) work but a bit like tests except not on paper these were called maths check ups. For the maths check ups there was, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction, Plus two more for division. These were all easy at the start but then got harder and harder Which made it more challenging. In my opinion the test wasn't the worst, it was a little bit hard but other wise than that it was ok. Here are some pictures of my work.

Literacy Reflection T2W3 2017

Literacy Reflection 
WALT: With increasing confidence, logically sequences explanations or arguments.
Word Work: This week for word work I have done the usual meanings, sentences and origins, except I used a slide show. For the fun activity I did backwards words, for this activity you write the word then you write backwards and it comes out with very random results which is one of the reasons why I liked doing this activity. Here is my work:

Advertisement: This week we completed some advertisement posters. For this we had to pick a book then we had to write about parts of the book like a snappy sentence then the last thing was to make a poster. I thought making this poster was a lot of fun because it's quite creative. Here are the results of my work: