Friday, 27 October 2017

Literacy Reflection T4W2 2017

Literacy Reflection

Grandparents day: Last week on Friday was grandparents day so we have been doing some activity's based on that. One of them that I am posting is the grandparents word find. We got to make a word find of our own word choice. When it was made I took a screenshot of it and put it on a google drawing and worked it out. 
Here is my work:

Friday, 8 September 2017

Numeracy Reflection T3W7 2017

Numeracy Reflection

Frac-Ge-Bot: This week my maths class made 2D robots on our google drive. We had to design our robots with the following shapes: Squares, Rectangles, Triangles, Circles, Hexagons, Pentagons and Diamonds. I didn't use all of those shapes but I did use some and we also had to colour it.
Now for the maths part, so for all the shapes (and colours) we had to make a fraction out of them. For example lets say I used 10 shapes and 4 of them were circles, that would be 4/10 circles.

Here is my work:

Fraction Problem Solving: This week we got given a slide show (different for each math group) and we had to fill out the questions. As you may have seen the slide show was based on fractions. These questions were fun and easy to do. 
Here is my work:


Literacy Reflection T3W7 and T3W6 2017

Lietracy Reflection

Diagram: This week/last week we had to make a diagram about the life cycle of Whitebait. We had to have all the names and parts of the life cycle. 
Here is my work:

40bc-Dragon Dawn

Dragon Dawn

Summary: Danzi is not yet 1000 years old which is quite young for a dragon compared to others. While there are wars going on it is not safe for a dragon to be on it's own without a dragon keeper. Whilst other dragons are hibernating Danzi is roaming around and to fulfill a promise to his previous dragon keeper he has to go to a city...

Author: Carole Wilkinson

Rating: 4/5

Age Recommendation: 9-10

Friday, 1 September 2017

Literacy Reflection T3W6 2017

Literacy Reflection

Connectives: This week one of our focuses was connectives. A connective is a word that can join two parts of a sentence and make it sound better. So for our activity we had to fill in some sentences with connectives and a couple more things. Here is my work:

Friday, 25 August 2017

Writing Reflection T3W5 2017

Writing Reflection

Video Notes: This week on a site called video notes allowed us to write down things whilst watching a video. The video we watched was salmon life cycle. We had to write down what we heard and put it in our own words. Here are is the facts I've gathered.

Salmon are one of the most prized fish in New Zealand. In December you might see some salmon in the water.

Salmon spend two years at sea and come back for a month so they can go to their spawning ground.Whilst doing this they try to relax wherever they can to have a break from the strong corrunt.

When they get close to their spawning ground they all group together waiting for a good time.

They hang quite close together.

The fish have become dark they haven't eaten since they were at sea.

The hens are female salmon the jacks are boy salmon.

The hen make a hole in the ground for the eggs when she is ready to lay the eggs jacks will fertilize it. The jacks will fight off other jacks.

They lay eggs up to 4 thousand per time.

The baby salmon are smaller than a 10c coin.

The next time you will see them they will be a big size.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Literacy Reflection T3W4 2017

Literacy Reflection T3W4

Rugby Commentary: This week the teacher set us a task which was... rugby commentary. For this activity we had to watch a video of Damian McKenzie for 45 seconds without volume so we could pretend to be a person like Damian McKenzie himself. WALT: Write for different audiences. Here is one that I have done: