Wednesday, 12 April 2017

40bc Billionaire Boy T1W11 2017

Billionaire Boy

Summary: Joe Spud has got everything a kid could ask for. Hes got his own bowling alley, Formula 1 racing car, a slide to his Olympic sized swimming pool, a Roller Coaster and so much more. One thing was that Joe Spud and his father were once not rich. It all started when his father made billions from his invention the Bum Fresh toilet paper. Though Joe has got practically everything he only wants one thing... a friend.

Author: David Williams

Illustrator: Tony Ross


  1. Hi Ayesha. That's an awesome summary! Did you/are you enjoying reading this?

  2. Kia ora Ayesha, Its Alyssa here from the Mamaku hub.
    Did you like reading this book.This reminds me of when I read that exact same David Walliams book I thought it was pretty funny. Did Joe get a friend in the end?


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