Friday, 30 June 2017

Literacy Reflection T2W9 2017

Literacy Reflection

Word Work: This week for word work I have done the usual which is the meaning, a sentence and the origin of the word. This week I have also done eight words for my speech on the slide show for my word work as well. Here is my work:

My Speech: This week I have been working on my speech. I am not going to put my work on but I am going to tell you about it. My Speech is going to be about my trip to Australia. I have almost finished my speech but not quite yet.

Reading: This week for Reading we read a book called Mrs Wilding's Potatoes. My group took turns at reading part of the book and then we wrote some main points about the book on a slide that our teacher made. The book is about how to boys wanted to go to school to see a rugby star but they got held up because Mrs Wilding needed help with compost.

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